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Google Keyword Generator (with search volume)

Google Suggest is one of the most important features Google has. Its a Google’s core feature that shows keywords suggestion as you type, making it a goldmine for Content Creation and SEO purposes. In the following article, we are going to help you scrape these valuable keyword suggestions along with their search volume for any […]

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How to Extract Amazon Product Reviews for Sentiment Analysis? [2023 tutorial]

Have you ever found yourself grappling with the overwhelming volume of Amazon product reviews, where a single product can amass thousands of customer opinions? Whether you’re an Amazon seller looking to enhance your products or a market researcher studying your competitors, the potential insights hidden within Amazon product reviews are like a goldmine. Yet, the […]

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How to efficiently Track Amazon Keywords Rankings? [2023 tutorial]

As an Amazon seller, marketer, or researcher, tracking the rankings of keywords on Amazon is essential for achieving visibility and driving sales. Amazon’s vast marketplace is highly competitive, and understanding where your products stand for specific keywords can make all the difference. If it’s easy to enter a query on Amazon and manually track where […]

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NSE India Dashboard

Fetch option Chain (Equity Derivatives) and quotes from NSE India in a simple Google Sheets template. How does it work? It uses the ImportJSON add-on that we built. ImportJSON provides a simple function to import JSON formatted data from different sources and turn it into a two-dimensional table you can easily manipulate. Copy the template To properly […]

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