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With our comprehensive range of Google map data scrapers, you can extract critical business data effortlessly. Each of our Google Maps scrapers is designed to optimize your use of this powerful platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to scrape Google Maps?

Scraping Google Maps using =IMPORTFROMWEB() is based on publicly available information. The function accesses data that is openly accessible on the internet. And generally, accessing and scraping publicly available data from websites is considered legal.

Moreover, with IMPORTFROMWEB, the scraping is made using multiple premium proxies and external rotating IP addresses, so you do not have to worry about the possibility to be banned from scraping data Google My Business profiles.

Nonetheless, it remains important to stay informed about the terms and conditions set by Google and exercise scraping responsibly and ethically.

Can I extract emails from Google Maps using IMPORTFROMWEB?

No, Google My Business pages or profiles on Google Maps do not typically contain email addresses. Consequently, IMPORTFROMWEB does not directly facilitate email extraction from Google Maps.

However, there are two alternative methods available:

  1. Using IMPORTFROMWEB: Utilize the “emails” generic selector on any webpage where email addresses are present. Example formula: =IMPORTFROMWEB("", "emails")
  2. Using IMPORTFROMGOOGLE with a Boolean Search: input a boolean search to your IMPORTFROMGOOGLE to potentially find email addresses. Example formula: =IMPORTFROMGOOGLE("your query", "emails")