Google My Business Scraper

Scrape and monitor businesses data from Google My Business with Google Sheets.

Google Maps Places is a valuable tool for users who want to discover new places, find businesses, and access comprehensive information to make informed decisions. It focuses specifically on providing information about businesses and points of interest. 

Each business listing provides detailed information such as address, phone number, website, opening hours, photos, reviews, and ratings. Scraping this data can be a powerful tool for businesses, researchers, and developers, offering access to rich location-based information.

Using our no-code scraping solution, businesses can easily gather valuable information for market research, competitor analysis, lead generation, location-based insights on customer preferences, trends, and demands, and more!

Using the ImportFromWeb add-on and the function it adds to Google Sheets, you can extract Google Maps Places data in bulk without technical knowledge!

What you get?

With =IMPORTFROMWEB(), you extract the following data points:  

  • name
  • address
  • image
  • phone number
  • website
  • rating
  • number of reviews

See all available Google Maps data points

Step by step

First of all, make sure you have installed the ImportFromWeb add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Then, just follow these easy steps:

Open a new Google Sheets and activate ImportFromWeb

To activate the add-on, go to Extensions > ImportFromWeb > Activate add-on.

Activate ImportFromWeb add-on

Input the Google Maps places URLs

ImportFromWeb requires 2 parameters: a URL and one or more data selectors.

Enter the URLs for the Google Maps places in the first column using the following format:

Input the Google Maps Places URLs

Input the Google Maps selectors

Data selectors describe the specific content you want to import for each Google Maps place. 

Pick the selectors you are interested in from our Google Maps selectors glossary and add them to your spreadsheet. For example, you may be interested in the name, address_full, phone_number, and website.

This is what your spreadsheet should look like:

Input the data selectors

Write the =IMPORTFROMWEB() function and extract places data

Just add this formula: =IMPORTFROMWEB(A2,B1:E1)

Within seconds, you’ll get the data for the first Google Maps place URL.

Write the IMPORTFROMWEB() function

Scale the collection process

After adding the $ symbol around the data selectors, drag the formula down to the last row: =IMPORTFROMWEB(A2,$B$1:$E$1)

Drag down to copy the formula

We’ve designed an easy-to-use template.
Make sure you have installed and activated ImportFromWeb in your Google Sheets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I extract emails from Google Maps using IMPORTFROMWEB?

No, Google My Business pages or profiles on Google Maps do not typically contain email addresses. Consequently, IMPORTFROMWEB does not directly facilitate email extraction from Google Maps.

However, there are two alternative methods available:

  1. Using IMPORTFROMWEB: Utilize the “emails” generic selector on any webpage where email addresses are present. Example formula: =IMPORTFROMWEB("", "emails")
  2. Using IMPORTFROMGOOGLE with a Boolean Search: input a boolean search to your IMPORTFROMGOOGLE to potentially find email addresses. Example formula: =IMPORTFROMGOOGLE("your query", "emails")