ImportJSON general errors

Here is the exhaustive list of all General Errors you can encounter while using ImportJSON.

#ACTIVATEThe add-on is not activated.Make sure that when you use ImportJSON, always activate the add-on (menu: Extension > ImportFromWeb > activate add-on)
#NAMEThe add-on has not been properly activated for this spreadsheet.Go to menu > Extensions > ImportFromWeb> (Re)Activate add-on
#ERROR!This is a generic error and unfortunately it doesn’t give valuable information!Wait a minute and use the “Shake” button to refresh. If the error persists, please contact us 
#SERVICE_TEMPORARILY_UNAVAILABLEThe add-on failed to communicate with our servers. It may be due to some maintenance on the system.Wait a few minutes and use the Recalculate button to refresh. If the error persists, please contact us
#UNIDENTIFIED_USERYou are not identified with the google account that is subscribed to ImportJSON.Make sure you are on the google account in which you subscribed to ImportJSON. 
#GOOGLE_QUOTA_EXCEEDEDGoogle has limited daily quotas for some operations required by the function. The function usually does its best to limit these operations but you may have other scripts that consume your account resources. Quotas are reset on a daily basis.More info here
#REQUEST_NOT_AVAILABLE_FOR_THIS_TEMPLATEYou are currently working on a special spreadsheet template that has its own limitations.Open a new spreadsheet to use your formula.
#TOO_MANY_REQUESTS_AT_THE_SAME_TIMEToo many people may be trying to reach the domainWait a few minutes and retry
#OTHER_ERRORWe could not identify the error.Contact us