Why are some functions stuck on “Refreshing”?

Sometimes, formulas can get stuck in that state when a refresh process doesn’t quite go as planned. But fear not, we’ve got a couple of handy solutions to help you:

  1. You can revert to a previous version of your sheet using the Version History feature. Simply navigate to File > Version History and select an earlier version to restore. This can often resolve the issue and allow your formulas to resume their normal functionality.
  2. Try rewriting the problematic formula from scratch. Sometimes, starting afresh can break the cycle of perpetual refreshing and restore the proper functioning of the formula.

This issue is more likely to occur when your sheet contains a significant number of functions, as this can potentially slow down the overall performance. If you find yourself frequently encountering the “Refreshing” state, it might be worth considering ways to optimize your sheet by reducing the number of functions or optimizing their usage.