Walmart data selectors

Want to extract Walmart product pages straight into your spreadsheet?

You can see below the selectors to use within your =IMPORTFROMWEB() function; just pick them up and write your function as follows:

=IMPORTFROMWEB("Walmart product URL", "title, price")

Product selectors

upcUniversal Product Code
titleProduct name
brandProduct brand
brand_linkLink to the brand page of the product
buybox_winnerSeller who gets the buybox
price*Product price
ratingsAverage rating
reviews_countNumber of reviews
category_N**Category of the product (replace N by the desired value)
categoriesAll product categories (make sure to leave empty cells below)
featured_image_sourceCollects the main image source for each product listed
availabilityAvailability of the product
imageN_sourceImage of the product page (replace N by the image number)
images_sourceAll the images of the product page (make sure to leave empty cells below)

*Pricing information: Prices, terms, and availability may vary according to the region. Items sold online by Walmart may be eligible for price match, while items sold by Marketplace Sellers are not eligible for price match. Therefore, as the server can be located elsewhere than where you are, the price may be different.

**The categories of the product are ranked from the 1st (Home) to the last one (up to 8).

Search page selectors

nameCollects each product name
priceCollects each product price
price_textCollects the value together with the currency
ratingCollects average rating for each product listed
reviews_countCollects number of reviews collected for each product listed
linkCollects the URL of each product listed
image_sourceCollects the main image source for each product listed
idCollects the product id
us_item_idCollects the product US id
availabilityIndicates whether the product is available or not
badgeExtracts the badge of the product
sponsoredIndicates whether the product is sponsored or not