Troubleshoot your functions

First of all, it may happen that the =IMPORTFROMWEB() function does not fetch the page requested and returns a “PAGE_REQUEST_FAILED” error message. Fortunately, ImportFromWeb comes with an auto-refresh mechanism that automatically re-executes these functions (and up to 6 times). To enable this mechanism, please keep the add-on side bar opened.

Then, there are several reasons that can lead IMPORTFROMWEB to display errors and the sidebar is here to help.

Find more information about the error

A first reflex when you are seeing a new error is to open the sidebar and go to the Monitor tab

You will be able to read detailed information about the error and find some tips to troubleshoot your function.

And still you can check the Understanding Errors section of our resource center to have a complete overview about all possible errors and their explanations.

Check the page as seen by the function

WIthin the side bar, you can view the page as seen by the function.

Bear in mind that ImportFromWeb may see something different from the page you see on your browser. Reasons can be various: content variations depending on the locations, targeted platform testing different looks & feels or simply because the function did not load the page properly.

Because the function doesn’t load stylesheets and images, it’s very probable that it looks visually broken. However you can use it to resolve errors on XPaths.